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Open all year except Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Beauty, sports and wellness are merged at Salamanca Forum's spa Hotel Doña Brígida, all of it combined with an expert team of professionals and the most advanced techniques and health programs. Our goal is to help you free your body and mind, to fill you with vitality and to slow the aging signs.

The Spa features 1.000 m², massage cabines, acupressure and hydrotherapy cabins, multiple therapies, body and facial treatments, massages, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, water circuits and thermal baths.

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It has 3 heated pools, the largest one with cross-current jets and swan necks, beds and bubble seats. A second pool resembles a large jacuzzi and the third one is smaller and of cold water.

Its facilities are completed with a sauna, a Turkish bath, bithermal showers or a shower with essential oils.

Thermal club 25 € per person Monday through Sunday.
Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa

The beauty area offers our clients balneotherapeutic treatments, massages, physiotherapy, as well as facial and body treatments, peelings, baths, wraps, waxing...

We have 5 massage rooms, 3 wrap cabins, 1 Vichy shower, 4 hydromassage baths and 2 kneipp jets.

Choose the treatment you like the most: 40 € Local massage with almond, citrus or cocoa oil (to choose back or legs) (25 min. Approx.)
40 € General massage (back and legs from behind 25 min. Approx.)
42 € Foot reflexology massage (25 min. Approx.)
40 € Craniofacial massage (20 min. Approx.)
55 € General relaxation massage with almond, citrus or cocoa oil (40 min. Approx.)
73 € Extra general massage (60 min. Approx.)
52 € Local sports massage (30 min. Approx)
65 € Lymphatic drainage legs (50 min. Approx.)
41 € Lymphatic drainage of the face (25 min. Approx.)
85 € Complete lymphatic drainage (75 min. Approx)
71 € Massage under Vichy shower (40 min. Approx.)
85 € Four hands massage (40 min. Approx.)


€ 29 Local sludge and mudguard applications
30 € Wrapping of algae or essential oils
35 € Draining seaweed wrap
45 € Chocolate wrap


35 € Body peel
€ 35 Facial peeling
70 € Collagen mask
65 € Facial hydration treatment
65 € Facial nutrition treatment
85 € Firming facial treatment


20 € Jet
€ 30 Bath with mineral salts
€ 30 Bubble bath or jets scheduled
35 € Essence bath


Spa AquaVega offers you the most exclusive health and beauty treatments in special 1 day packs. Enjoy to the fullest a day of relaxation for your body and mind with the following promotions:

"Wellbeing legs or back 55 €": Hydromassage bath with aromatherapy, general jet of relaxation, local massage with essential oils (to choose legs or back).
"Revitalize your skin € 55": Body peeling with salts and citrus, local massage with lemon or orange oil.
"Eliminate tension 60 €": Decontracting jet bath, application of parafangos on the back, decontracting back massage.
"Wrap yourself in sweetness € 68": Cocoa wrap, general massage with cocoa oil.
"Feeling bubble € 74": Bubble bath, facial massage, foot reflexology.
"Body scrub 75 €": Body peel, seaweed wrap, general massage.
"Relax body and mind € 80": Wrapping of essential oils, relaxing anti-stress bath, general relaxation jet, general relaxation massage.
"Firming and anti-cellulite € 85": Body peeling, draining seaweed wrapping Anti-cellulite massage.
"Relax and Beauty € 125": Body peeling, bath of mineral salts, general relaxation jet, general relaxation massage, collagen mask.


We offer a number of treatments that will prepare you for such a special day as your wedding. Treatments are divided in 6 days, we recommend you to start doing them from 2 to 3 months before the wedding and a treatment per week , so that, in this way, the result would be more noticeable on the day of the celebration.

For her:

Day 1: Body peeling, seaweed wrap and general massage
Day 2: Bubbles bath and legs massage
Day 3: Facial peeling, collagen veil and craniofacial massage
Day 4: Body waxing and hydration
Day 5: Anti-stress bath and essential oils wrap
Day 6: Hands and feet treatment and general relaxing massage

For him:

Day 1: Body peeling, seaweed wrap and general massage
Day 2: Anti-stress bath, manual pressure jet and relaxing general massage
Day 3: Facial peeling and collagen veil
Day 4: Craniofacial massage and feet reflexology
Day 5: Hands and feet treatment



If you want to be original you can give to your guests a Thermal Club as a detail of your wedding at an affordable price of € 10 including VAT per ticket (minimum 40 guests)

- For the purchase of 50 tickets the couple will be given the treatment: "Soak in the relaxation"

- For the purchase of 100 tickets the couple will be given the treatment: "Free from stress"

- For the purchase of 200 tickets the couple will be given the treatment: "Couple special programm"

In a relaxed and fun way, with your friends so that you have an original souvenir.

- Access to the thermal club: € 19 per person (6 people minimum)

- Gift for the bride: an hydromassage bath with essential oils or essential oil body wrap

Moreover you can ask for the dinner and lunch services from € 20 per person.